“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” John 1:5


Looking for a different kind of journey, the underground has always been a significant part of what we do at Canoes, Mountains & Caves!

  •  Spend a day in a vertical cave in the Yorkshire Dales
  •  Explore extensive abandoned lead mines in the North Pennines
  •  Marvel at the vastness of an abandoned Welsh slate mine
  •  Or opt for a gentle initial introduction to the underworld in either a natural cave or a mine

The underground is another area where skills and knowledge developed over years of exploring and adventuring enable us to lead groups safely and efficiently. Adventurer, mine historian, geologist – make use of our local knowledge and modern equipment to enjoy your underground adventure.

With Canoes, Mountains & Caves you can enjoy the caves and abandoned mines of the North of England and North Wales which offer a truly unique perspective on the environment.


Mal & Marion Tabb
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